Friday, June 1, 2007

Shopping trip and thoughts on Shop Power

Welcome back,
I had a busy 4 days at the 'office' this week, and while it wasn't quite the 'last thing I want to do is type on a danged computer', it was close. A lot has happened in this 4 day week, and yet Nothing has happened this week.

A big thank you to everyone who has chimed in on my shop project with all the kind words and support! Unfortunately, the yard looks pretty much as it did the other day. I still haven't got my permit renewed, and it looks like I won't for at least another week yet. I'm going to go ahead and have some lumber delivered tomorrow just the same. I am going to stage the PT near the eventual shop site on top of those pallets. The 6 sheets of plywood will go in the shed, which I'm going to have to dun out tomorrow if it doesn't rain. (if it rains, only the PT comes home)

As you can see, I made a fastener run to the local Hiawatha Fasteners. I picked up two sizes of drywall screws, plus two sizes of pan heads for use with the Kreg Jig, and then some silver coated 2" deck screws. Honestly, only the deck screws are for the shop itself, the rest just kind of jumped in the basket. $35 invested in the shop. I would have picked up some nails, but I wasn't sure yet which size to buy. Since I"m working in Sillycuse the next few weeks, I could drop some serious cash there, considering it is 'on the way' . I'll need to see what kind of nailer I can rent/beg/borrow before I buy too many nails, though. The deck screws are going to secure the flooring to the joists, every 6" to 8". I think for that job I'm going to 'hire' my middle stepson, as well as pick up a new tailed drill if I can find one I like on sale.

Jimmy (Wooder) on the WWA asked about power, which caused me a bit of concern. I knew I would need power, but hadn't figured out the particulars. A flurry of posts on FWW entitled "Electrical Question" resulted in my feeling Much better about supplying power to the shop. To sum up, with my likely tools, I'm going to be 'ok' at least initially with pulling 60 Amps out to the shop, the house's load is such that I can pull the shop power and not have to upgrade the house power (yet). The line drop over the distance from the main box to the shop is a concern. Marty of The 'Birth of a Shop' mega thread fame, expressed concern about the health of my tools if I choose to 'rough it' (live off of extension cord) until I can afford to truly pull power out to the shop.
Marty, you'll be glad to know that I'm rethinking the location of the shop. I chose the 'far' corner of the yard for the sake of it being comparatively drier than this spot.

pardon the unique items I chose to block out the rough site of the shop, but dark was fast approaching and I just grabbed whatever was handy. That spot just meets setback requirements from the far property line, the House and the existing brown shed. I'm going to have to check with the Codes inspector if that site will work or not, but IIRC it should work well. I'm 11 ft from the house, which in my mind is the most important clearance. It is 6' measured diagonally from the corner of the brown shed as well as.

I'm seriously considering moving the existing shed, as it is only resting on several concrete blocks. I'm thinking that jacking it up and sliding a couple of runners under it and dragging it about 10' or so to the north, which would then let me get the same 10' from 'everything' clearance from the house and the lines. I'm also considering joining the two structures with a 'breezeway for more storage. if I built a 4' wide by 10' deep connection, I could use that for my compressor and DC storage. I just need to figure out if I can do that and still please the Code. The more I think of that the more I like it. I hope I can pull that off. It would avoid the problem of a lean-to which would eat up more yard space. Honestly, that 6' clearance would be a waste 99% of the time. I'll still need to move the existing shed a few feet no matter what, unless I put the shop toward the center of the yard, which I'd prefer not to do, but it may come down to that. If I put the shop there, I'll definitely have to have a load of stone brought in, In the other end of the yard I could get away with just bricks, but that corner of the yard is the 'wet' one, and more drastic measures are needed.

Luckily It looks like affording 'more' shop is going to be easier. My new job just took an interesting turn, one which has a double edge to it. On one hand, I am now authorized more hours for OT including weekends if I want to work them, but certainly 'overtime' during the week. Lori and I will have to work out what days will work best for doing that, but I'll be putting in lots of time no matter what for the foreseeable future. The downside of course is that I won't have as much time to devote to the shop if I'm in the field working. I've set a goal, however, which should net a nice tidy sum by the middle of July, and again in August with my company's bonus program. Basically the more building records I produce, the better I get paid. I'm going to be 'making hay' while the sun is shining, or until the Overtime Budget shuts down. (basically all summer). Luckily I'm more inclined to pull 10 or 12 hour days for a good cause, and a better shop and fatter bank account qualifies. If I need a day off every now and then I'll take one, but I'm going to 'stay out' until I hit my goal every day. Lately I've been staying until I get 20 per day. My new goal this next week is 25 to 30 properties per day if I can swing it.

See y'all tomorrow, with more pics!

Thanks for looking!

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