Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Progress, some of it even forwards!

Howdy folks,
I took ten minutes this afternooon and called the building inspector's office about renewing my building permit. They have a couple of questions which I predict I'll be able to clear easily next week on Monday. Basically they wonder who exactly is building the trusses (I will be) and who Dano is.

This is a new inspector, different than the one I explained things to two years ago, so I expected something like this. I just need to show them what I'm doing and I should be good to go. I also need to show them where I will be putting the shop on the property. (I seem to recall doing this before but they prior inspector didn't seem to interested in that).

The good news of the day is that with the setbacks, I only need to be 5' from the property line (I thought it was 6') as well as only 5' from the existing shed. That means that I won't need to move the shed after all, which is a very good thing indeed. I need to be 10' from the house, and 5' from the property line. I'm going to double check clearances, but I believe that I'm 11' from the house as I laid out the 'closer' site on the diagonal, and 6' from the existing shed. It will 'just' fit. It it won't fit there, Worst comes to worst, we'll just drag the shed over and make room.

I just discovered Tom Smith's blog about his shop. K and T Woodworking Blog

I'll have to do some catching up with Tom's blog, if the rest is like his 'top' page, It ought to be a good read, eh? (he's from Alberta). I wonder if he Curls.

Two days down at work this week, and I'm just a bit frustrated, the rain has just put me way behind my goal of 30 properties cataloged per day. I hope to get ahead more tomorrow. I've put in 11 hours each of the past two days, I think I'm going to pull a 10 hour day tomorrow and then just an 8 on Thursday, starting early has been nice, so that is one thing I'm going to continue to do. Funny thing, I was never one to be an early riser, but I'm enjoying the 'morning' light when I'm photographing.

Enough about work.

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