Monday, May 28, 2007

Shop site photos

OK that's the view from right next to the house, looking toward our neighbor's shed. I took this so that I have a 'repeatable' photo perspective of the building.

from the middle of the yard looking to our neighbor's shed to the north. The shop is sited nearest to their sheds, for noise diversion. Plus their sheds are Right on the property line, and I won't mind in the least when I fire up my DC etc... if the noise heads their way.

and finally, looking back toward the house from the far corner of the yard.

I could post one looking from the North, but that would be so close to the shop that you'd just see wall, so why bother. (thought better of this, but really it won't show much, so occasionally I'll put one up from that angle too.

the above were just before Noon.

I dragged my middle son out in the yard with me and did some measuring and dropped pallets and 2x4's where the shop will eventually stand.

here is the view matching the first shot: from now on I'm going to post updated shots from those three angles:

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