Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Jig in progress

With my interest in turning growing, I needed a way to keep my turning tools sharp. I was given a grinder last spring, but I need to learn how to sharpen. One popular way to speed up that learning curve is to use a jig, and the most popular one is the Wolverine. Unfortunately I don't have the $90 plus shipping to buy a wolvie. Luckily there are plans available online to make your own.

I still have to bolt down the grinder and make another smaller jig which holds the turning tool for the grind.

Lots of progress

I've continued the small shop shuffle, and here is how things 'stand' for the moment

I moved the storage cabinet to its semi-permanent home next to the main doors. The 'man door' will be just there to the right of the cabine where the bandsaw is at the moment. I'm thinking that will be a 'springtime' project.

Looking up into the loft, where Adam was a big help getting the gear up the ladder. I handed him the items as he stood on the ladder.

A whole lot of clutter, but I'll get it sorted out eventually.

Looking from the doorway down the left side of the shop. As you can see I have to clear up my benchtop a bit. I moved the power strip to the middle of the wall, eliminating one extension cord up to the 4' shop light

yeah, that light!