Friday, June 15, 2007

Twas the night before shopbuilding...

Well, there are now 4 large pallets with various stages and types of lumber products sitting on them. Unfortunately, life got dramatic this evening, and I was unable to go pick up those niggling little last minute things... like nails, construction adhesive, Ice, soda, things like that. SO... guess who is getting up at 4 with the DW and running to walmart, then the hardware stores. One in hopes of getting the hurricane ties, or similar, and the other for several items I know we'll need, but working 10+ hours every day this week didn't allow me to pick up.

On the plus side, I got a bunch of photos and properties done this week, I know another section of Sillycuse like the back of my hand, and I'm on to other areas on Monday.

I'm on my office laptop, and I didn't bring in the mouse for it, so I won't have any photos tonight. Suffice to say the bill for the lumber was a nice one, but If I did my calculations correctly, there should be a minimum of my usual three plus trips to the hardware store for any given project. I've 'suspended' that rule for the duration of the shop buildup. If I need something I go get it, period. Hopefully other than the fasteners, I should be pretty well set for the weekend.

The shopping list for the lumber for the shop expanded to include enough 2by4 and 2x6 to deforest a small stand of trees. Not really, but this is the 'biggest' thing I've ever built, so bear with me.

I was going to put stone down and then the piers, but unless the stone guy calls tomorrow morning, I don't think I'll get stone down before the piers. If I don't, I'm not too worried about it. I am using the piers to keep the pressure treated wood out of the potential water zone. We occasionally get 'lake Bulken' out back of the house, and the shop is in the path, but that only lasts a few days or a week at the longest.

The stone was/is to help with drainage and keep the grass under control. I'm still going to put down landscape cloth under the piers, and eventually I'll shovel stone under the shop from the edges as needed. One of the things I'll be buying tomorrow is some roundup weed killer, We'll spray that down just before we put the cloth down, and hopefully take care of the grass under the shop that way.

The budget just didn't allow for any major terraforming, with machinery, so instead we're going to jack the deck up, level the rim joists and then put the piers in. The rim joist will be secured to the piers by gravity and shims, as well as 4x4's and connectors. I figure that however many thousand pounds all that wood, plus the contents of the shop tools etc... should keep the piers from going anywhere. As for the fact that the piers may sink into the lawn. so be it. I can always jack up the shop and reset them like the camps I visit down in Pocono. If that happens to often, We can jack it up one last time and pour concrete pads for the piers. This summer into fall at least I don't expect there to be much trouble. Winter into spring will be the issue.

to do list for the morning is as follows:
  • get Lori up for work
  • grab another hour or two of sleep
  • stop by the storage unit, unearth table saw from pile of stuff, get it ready to move to the house.
  • meet grizzz at hiawatha fasteners, buy nails, screws, joist hangers and hurricane ties or equivalent.
  • stop back at the storage unit, partially disassemble tablesaw, to get it back to the house.
  • stop at blandings, get propane tank refilled, buy a few more tools, more landscape cloth, construction adhesive
  • brew coffee
  • find, set up fly for tablesaw in case of rain.
  • set up mitersaw station

that should be enough to be dangerous.

lots more pics etc. once the day is over. Thanks for looking. I suppose i'm writing this for my own gratification, as noone has left comments or let me know they even read this. (hint hint, comment away if you're reading along at home folks)

g'night it is just after midnight, and the alarm will be screaming all too soon.

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