Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mid winter bleahs


it definitely has been awhile, but thngs slowed down after the end of july. I did managed to get part of the roof on, and all of the trusses up, by the end of October. Then I discovered (re-discovered actually) that I have a very well developed fear of heights when at the top of a ladder. I'm fine in a building, but when there's a long drop and nothing but a ladder to hold onto, I tend to really want to hold on for dear life.

I'm hoping to get a crew to do the rest of the sheathing and finishing up the end walls (I Might be able to swing those, but if I'm paying for sky work, I might as well go whole hawg)

On the plus side, work is going very well. I'm currently lead hunting, which means I'm looking for 'For Sale', 'For Lease' For Rent, or 'Available signs and the properties attached to them. This includes land, which is a good thing, cause I've been hitting some really rural territory and updating lots of vacant land listings.

I think I'll be starting another blog for some shots which I'd like to share, I'll update here when I get a couple of posts done, as well as a catchy title.

here's an artistic interpretation of a shot as an example. Just a valley I stopped and saw tonight on my way home, put through photoshop and a filter.