Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day y'all

Yesterday was a bust shop wise, unless you count buying a new set of drill bits an 'accomplishment'. Lori and I recently bought a new fridge, and of course it has ice/water through the door. Silly mfg doesn't include the hookup kit! I suppose there is some logic to that, but I had to schlep all the way back in to Cicero to buy said kit. Well, the kit includes a 'self tapping' fitting, but the guy at Lowe's said a 1/4" drill would get us better pressure in the fridge. Hmmmm I thought to myself, do I know where a 1/4" bit is? No, better buy a new drill bit just in case. $5 for a single bit, $14 for 10. which would you buy?

I still need to buy a set of brad point bits as well, but these will do for 'shop building' and beyond.

there is my trusty Firestorm along with the new bit set, plus my favorite accessory: the pilot hole/driver. Great tool for anyone who uses screws in assembly much.

I particularly like the handy case. It will be going to 'live' in my tool box later this afternoon, and woe be it to any of my boys who loses the kit! *

*Only kidding of course.

Today being Memorial Day, I'm going to pretty much hang here at the house and have a good quiet day at home. I suppose I could go out and try and find some concrete blocks, but I think the Internet and search engines will just have to suffice.

Have a good one folks, I'm going to go try and accomplish something. More later!

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