Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upper section of walls installed

I was working on building a lumber rack for the shop yesterday, there are the cross pieces cut at a slight angle to counteract deflection from weight. I'm going to temporarily install them, just so I can get the wood from the pallets in the side yard stored, not to mention the cherry I have in my storage unit. I'm sure that eventually I'll build a much sturdier unit, but that's just part of the continual evolution of any shop.

Here's the wall which will hold the rack. About 10' of linear space. I'm planning on three levels initially, plus the floor.

At just about the time I was going to wrap up for the evening, one of the guys who helped me install my roof; Josh, stopped by. I had asked him for help putting the upper panels up on the end walls. I'd tried several times, but hadn't managed to get them installed. He spent maybe 15 minutes and got them up with only one adjustment to the pieces I had cut.

As you can see there are still gaps to deal with, but those should be a simple matter to cut and nail home. After that, I'll be putting the doors up after work tomorrow.
I also have a line on getting the sub-panel run out to the shop. My wife Lori works at a local convenience store, and their handyman/contractor said he would stop by this evening to take a look at the situation. I told him I can run the outlets, its the panel I'm most concerned with.

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