Saturday, August 9, 2008


I visited Grizz today up in Fulton. We caught up on the family news and events, and then got down to business.
I can only describe the process, as we just went to work and didn't stop to take photos. *gasp* yes, I know, but it was just one of those working sessions where photos would have slowed us down.

We first rolled his tablesaw out into the driveway, then proceeded to rip two sheets of plywood to width to fill the 6' wide doorway. Then we measured and cut the 2x4's to length first for the sides and then the top and bottom sections. We actually used 2x6's for the bottom of the doors.

Once we had the outer sections installed, we measured and cut the diagonal braces and Grizz hand cut them to fit. Here's a sketch involved in how to install the diagonals...

We were discussing which way we were going to cut the diagonal, and I finally convinced him that we needed to go top center to bottom right for the R door.

and here are the finished products:

and a second view

Those suckers are Heavy, but I managed to unload them by myself tonight. I just backed the truck up to the stairs and tipped them right out into the shop.

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