Saturday, August 2, 2008

Almost Dried in

The Shop is almost closed in... I finally got up and got the top of the end walls framed up.

I'm proud of the back wall, but the front one will be what it is...

My height issue came back in full force. I decided I wanted a 'hay mow' doorway up on the top section to let some light in as well as for ventilation.

Mark loaned me his EZ Smart again, and I cut the OSB to fit the funky gambrel eaves. James was a huge help with that. I was puzzling out the angles and he came up with the solution in about a minute. No pics of the cutting, but here I am putting the first panel up.

I tried to get the upper section put in, but when I got the upper section up there I couldn't get it nailed off. I'm going to have to hire Dave & Josh again to finish that part off. Money well invested.

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