Friday, June 6, 2008

Whole lot of roofing going on!

That is Dave up on the ladder, he and his assistant Josh are hard at work today installing the metal roofing which I honestly would have had a hard time with. They fixed the alignment problem with some of the blocking, and are moving right along with the top set of blocking. Actually, in this shot, Dave is setting the first panel of roofing in place. Loud cheering going on at chez Bulken today.

different angle, same event.

Dave and Josh making sure that critical first panel is set correctly.

There it is, the top row all installed on the side of the shop which faces the house.

and jumping ahead, here's the front side of the shop with all but 2 panels installed, starting to look like a barn to me.

They've had to work around some of my handiwork, but for the most part, say that I did a decent job for a homeowner. I told them I just took my time and did my best to make it 'right'.

There it is, the front face of the shop all roofed over. They still have to put in a few screws on the lower run of panels, but it sure looks great to me. I would be a day and a half to get to this point, and they've made it look easy and there is still plenty of daylight left.

and a little more straight on view of the face. Looking great to me.

almost forgot to add this shot:

I like the white under-side of the roof, too bad it will be covered up when I insulate later this year.

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