Thursday, September 4, 2008

truck down!

Labor Day weekend is passed, where Did the summer go?

Lori was busy all weekend at the fire house, well, at the field days at the fire house to be more accurate. Bridgeport VFD has their annual field days every Labor day weekend, and she's the treasurer there, so has to handle all of the cash. Normally I spend the weekend there too, but this year, I decided that if they seemed like they could do without me, they would. Sure enough, I went to help out on Friday, and got a polite 'thank you' and got to make a few fried fish and french fries. Pretty soon however, the ladies auxiliary member whom I relieved came back and took over again. Well, I've set a move out date from the storage unit, and that date is fast approaching, so I decided that I would do my best to get a few truckloads out of there each weekend day. Good thing I did so on Saturday & Sunday, because monday Grizz convinced me that my driveline vibrations needed to be taken care of now, vs 'someday'.

The third U-joint on the shaft was shot, and Grizz took excellent care of the truck and me, getting it fixed for a lot less than a garage would have charged. Yet another big favor I owe you buddy, your day will come! The day ended with us needing to take the driveshaft to a shop to get the bearings torched to get them out. We tried hammering on them, but to no avail. Tuesday he was off, and got the job done while I was at work. Night and day thanks to this timely repair.

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