Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, the best laid plans... I hoped to put the final wall up on Wednesday, the 4th of July. Well, rain foiled that idea. If Lori and I hadn't snuggled back down for a nice rest in the morning I suppose I could have managed to get the wall laid out, if not lifted into place.

As it was, I did this on Thursday evening instead:

I had nice sunshine to do some more work on the last wall. It was just Patrick and me, so I knew I wasn't going to get it all the way done, but we got a lot accomplished.

I cut the studs, and laid out the wall in two sections. One 8' long and the other cut to fit the remaining space. 11' and change (had to allow for the end walls yaknow)

laid out the window and doorway, nailed up the headers for each of them. Both will top off at 80"
I ran out of daylight before I could finish the complicated half, though.

Patrick helped me by holding the far end of the small wall section, while I nailed it off with the air nailer. He was startled a bit by the noise, but liked the results. At his encouragement I went ahead and lifted the 8' section into place and tacked it into place:
We ran out of daylight, but that was a pretty good start on the last wall.

At this point, I decided to stop for the night. (Not that I had a whole lot of choice in the matter).

Here is the wood pile,I've used up all of the 2x4x10' boards, and what is left are the 2x4x12's, 2x6x12's and 2x8x12's (which are the joists for the loft) Other than the last joist, I've done pretty well on the pre-order for lumber. I think I'm going to need a few more 2x4x12's, above and beyond what I have stashed down in the storage unit, plus what is on the skid there.

Friday evening came and went with zero progress, I was just wiped out after work this past week, despite the day off in mid-week.

Saturday, both James and Adam pitched in and helped me finish up the last wall:

at this stage it is just tacked in, no top sill in place yet. HOwever it is UP!
Both boys were a HUGE help this past weekend, and I'm quite proud of them.

I did most of the high ladder work, while James did the cutting and ground work. calls of 'Nailer' and 'goop' (for the construction adhesive). I kept him scurrying around, while I did my stair stepper exercises.

Adam L. meanwhile, is the expert at toe nailing the walls into the deck.

James tried his hand at photographer, while I was putting away the tools. I really was as tired as I look there. (ok, maybe I don't look tired, but I sure was!)

We ran out of nail strips for the air nailer on the last top sill board. I put James to work at that point nailing in more sinkers to secure the top sill.

His nickname at this point is 'Mater'. That's like Tuhmater, without the 'Tuh'!

Again, I'm SO proud of my boys for pitching in. all three of them!

the heat index has kept me inside this week, it is supposed to cool off tomorrow, so I hope to get home and get some trusses nailed together. If it is raining, I might schlep over to Newport and borrow a ladder from Stu. ALthough judging from the email I got this evening, I think I may put that off awhile. Hope you feel better soon, Stu!

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